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Eurosurveillance, Volume 17, Issue 1, 05 January 2012
Eurosurveillance reviewers in 2011

Citation style for this article: Eurosurveillance reviewers in 2011. Euro Surveill. 2012;17(1):pii=20047. Available online:

The editorial team is grateful to all the experts who dedicated their time to peer-review our articles over the past 12 months. We wish to thank them and all those who are invisible but gave helpful advice and support. We apologise to any reviewers whose names we may have missed.

Our reviewers in 2011 were:

Fernando Abad-Franch, Stephan Aberle, Thomas Abraham, Harry Acquatella, Franz Allerberger, Maria Neus Altet Gomez, Sudy Anaraki, Peter H. S. Andersen, Laurent Andreoletti, Gabriel Anestad, Paola Angelini, Andrea Angheben, Denise Antona, Angel Asensio Vegas, Tommi Asikainen, Christina Atchinson, Don Bandaranayake, Ian Barr, Michael Baker, Cornelius Bartels, Ezra Barzilay, Ermias Belay, Justus Benzler, Zeno Bisoffi, Patricia Blank, Anders Blaxhult, Hans Blystad, Claus Bohn Christiansen, Pierre-Yves Boelle, Isabelle Bonmarin, Marc J. Bonten, Stefan Borgman, Arnold Bosman, Emmanuel Bottieau, Jean-Philippe Brandel, Christian Brandt, Viviane Bremer, Arne Broch Brantsæter, Maria José Bravo Portela, Phillipe Brouqui, Kevin Brown, Sylvia M Bruisten, Mia Brytting, Gerd-Dieter Burchard, Jim Buttery, Charles Calisher, Paolo Calistri, Helen Campbell, Anne Carbonne, Yves Carlier, Francisco Javier Carod-Artal, Helena de Carvalho Gomes, Francesco Castelli, Simon Cauchemez, Dominique Caugant, Radovan Cekanac, Yi Chen, Marc-Andre Chimonas, Lit Kim Chin, Jean-Philippe Chippaux, Gerardo Chowell, Iva Christova, Bruno Ciancio, Nadia Ciampa, Dani Cohen, Michelle Cole, Marina Conyn-van Spaendonck, Denis Coulombier, Duncan Cooper, Suzanne Cotter, Roel Coutinho, Elisabeth Couturier, Ben Cowling, Courtney Cowley, Natasha Crowcroft, Tania Crucitti, William Dab, Paolo D'Ancona, Niklas Danielsson, Mark Danta, Irja Davidkin, Paola De Benedictis, Birgitta De Jong, Silvia Declich, Gilles Delmas, Michel Delmée, Jean Delmont, Valerie Delpech, Jesús de Pedro Cuesta, Tarik Derrough, Jean-Claude Desenclos, Meredith Deutscher, Isabelle Devaux, Frank De Wolf, Gerhard Dobler, Alberto J. Dorta-Contreras, Raquel Duarte, Erwin Duizer, Assimoula Economopoulou, Paul J Edelson, Androulla Efstratiou, Andrea Eikelenboom-Boskamp, Johannes Elias, Jonathan Elford, Hanne-Dorthe Emborg, Hanne-Merete Eriksen, Steen Ethelberg, Daniel Faensen, Dennis Falzon, Annunziata Faustini, Ágnes Fehér, Ian Fisher, Laurent Filleul, Lyn Finelli, Darina O'Flanagan, Douglas Fleming, Tony Fooks, Johann Fontaine, Ron Fouchier, Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Carlo Gagliotti, Renee Galloway, Joaquim Gascon, Petra Gastmeier, Philippe Gautret, Eleni Giamarellou, Andreas Gilsdorf, Marshall J. Glesby, Pere Godoy, David Goldberg, Véronique Goulet, Kathie Grant, Malgorzata Grzemska, Maria Grünewald, Sophie Gubbels, Olafur Gudlaugson, Felipe Guhl, Walter Haas, Susan Hahne, Eelko Hak, John Harris, Angelos Hatzakis, Anja Hauri, Stephen Hawser, Alan Hay, Ned Hayes, Terho Heikkinen, Franz X. Heinz, Einar Heldal, Wiebke Hellenbrand, Niel Hens, Magid Herida, Björn Herrmann, Paul Heyman, Andy I. M. Hoepelman, Steen Hoffmann, Sven Hoffner, Erik Hofmeister, Emma Huitric, Anette Hulth, Olav Hungnes, Aeron Hurt, Catherine Ison, Michael Ison, Sofie Ivarsson, Bjørn G Iversen, Yves Jackson, Jean G Jannin, Andreas Jansen, Gerard Jansen, Aftab Jasir, Anders Johansson, Kari Johansen, Timothy Jones, Carol Joseph, Deborah A. Josko, Nathalie Jourdan da Silva, Anu Jääskeläinen, Edward L. Kaplan, Ioannis Karagiannis, Heath Kelly, Sarah Kidd, Bob Kirkcaldy, Judith Koch, Mira Kojouharova, Hilde Kløvstad, Jean-Louis Koeck, Richard Knight, Marion Koopmans, Sari Kovats, Gerard Krause, Peter Kreidl, Karl G. Kristinsson, Ed Kuijper, Markku Kuusi, Jeffrey C. Kwong, Robert Lanciotti, Janne Laine, Julie A Laroche, Guy La Ruche, Brian K Lee, Simon Le Hello, Rossella Lelli, Annick Lenglet, Diana Lennon, Tinne Lernout, Xavier Lescure, Daniel Levy-Bruhl, Chung-Min Liao, Giedrius Likatavicius, Bruno Lina, Nicole Lindsey, Christine Little, Suncanica Ljubin Sternak, Pierluigi Lopalco, Christian Lück, Ida Luzzi, Alan Magill, Anna-Pelagia Magiorakos, Alexandra Mailles, Helena Maltezou, Annette Mankertz, Tom Marrie, Laurence Marrama, Rebecca Martin, Peter Massey, Catharina Matheï, Leena Maunula, John McCauley, Paul McKeown, Adam Meijer, José A. Melero, Angeliki Melidou, Kasiani Mellou, Martin Mielke, Jose Milei, Vivi Miriagou, Dominique Monnet, Maria Teresa Montagna, Alain Moren, Hanns Moshammer, Joel Mossong, Joshua A. Mott, Claude Muller, Berit Muller-Pebody, Kåre Mølbak, Eva Møller Nielsen, Anthony Nardone, Angus Nicoll, Simo Nikkari, Taina Niskanen, Baltazar Nunes, Per Olcen, Makoto Onishi, John Paget, Daniel Palm, Stephen Palmer, Takis Panagiotopoulos, Anna Papa, Georgios Pappas, Isabelle Parent du Châtelet, Mical Paul, Lara Payne Hallstrom, Luisa Peixe, Pasi Penttinen, Jose Perez Molina, Eskild Petersen, Jeannine Petersen, Lyle Petersen, Lorenzo Pezzoli, Martin Pfeffer, Yvonne Pfeifer, Christine B Phillips, Nick Phin, María Jesús Pinazo, Adriana Pistol, Hanna Pituch, Maurizio Poccchiari, Kevin Pollock, Isabelle Poujol, Anna Proietti, Joan Puig-Barberà, Wolfgang Rabsch, Didier Raoult, Carrie Reed, Martyn Regan, Ralf R Reinert, Chantal Reusken, Brian Rice, Joachim Richter, Caterina Rizzo, Pierre Rollin, Polya Rosin, Magdalena Rosińska, Maria Cristina Rota, Cyril Rousseau, Maja Rupnik, Maria Saavedra-Campos, Martine Sabbe, Malgorzata Sadkowska-Todys, Dominique Salamanca, Mika Salminen, Dominique Salmon, Vittorio Sambri, Andre Sasse, Simon Schaaf, Verena Schildgen, Ingolf Schimke, Daniela Schmid, Gabriel Schmunis, Koen De Schrijver, Caroline Semaille, Salaam Semaan, Mohamed Shata, Elizabeth Sheridan, Akira Shimouchi, Anette Siedler, Anja Siitonen, Laurence Slutsker, Gillian Smith, Jeremy Sobel, John Spika, Gianfranco Spiteri, Robert Steffen, Babill Stray-Pedersen, Mari Strengell, Marc Struelens, Philippe Sudre, Jochen Suess, Jonathan Suk, Åke Svensson, Bolette Søborg, Panayotis Tassios, Antonio Tenorio, Heidi Theeten, Jean-Michel Thiolet, Andrew Thompson, Catherine Thompson, Gudnason Thorolfur, Antonio Toniolo, Paul R. Torgerson, Gro Ung, Henriette de Valk, Corinne Vandermeulen, Carmen Varela Santos, Marta Valenciano, Pierre Van Damme, Marita van de Laar, Ann Van den Bruel, Marianne van der Sande, Rolaf van Leeuwen, Pieter P. A. M. van Thiel, Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, Rengina Vorou, Inga Velicko, Henry de Vries, Monica Österblad, Annemarie Wasley, Francois Xavier Weill, Klaus Weist, Sylvie van der Werf, Guido Werner, Astrid Wester, Joanne White, Ole Wichmann, Miriam Wiese-Posselt, Lucas Wiessing, Robert Will, Hendrik Wilking, Julie Wilson, Nick Wilson, Francoise Wuillaume, Roman Wölfel, Fujie Xu, Herve Zeller, Shengwei Zhu, Thedi Ziegler, Stefan Zientara, Thomas Zoller, Philip Zucs.

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