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A man has been admitted to hospital in Scotland with an acute neurological illness that is being investigated as a suspected case of rabies (1,2). The possible diagnosis of a rabies-like illness is being considered because of some aspects of the clinical presentation and because the man is a bat handler who has been bitten by a bat in Scotland on at least one occasion within the possible incubation period for rabies. There is no documented evidence that the patient has ever received rabies immunisation or has travelled abroad since 1996. Although the clinical features of the man's illness are compatible with some aspects of rabies, none of the laboratory investigations yet indicate that a rabies-like virus is responsible. Testing for rabies and rabies-like virus is not, however, straightforward and more tests are being undertaken. The case has raised awareness of the possibility of rabies-like virus infection of bats in the United Kingdom (UK) (3).


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