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  1. Walter J, Haller S, Hermes J, Arvand M, Abu Sin M, Eckmanns T. Letter to the editor: Is there a need for special treatment of refugees at hospital admission? Euro Surveill. 2016;21(7):pii=30137.  https://doi.org/http://dx.doi.org/10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2016.21.7.30137 
  2. Reinheimer C, Kempf VA, Göttig S, Hogardt M, Wichelhaus TA, O’Rourke F, et al. Multidrug-resistant organisms detected in refugee patients admitted to a University Hospital, Germany June‒December 2015. Euro Surveill. 2016;21(2):30110.  https://doi.org/10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2016.21.2.30110  PMID: 26794850 
  3. Heudorf U, Krackhardt B, Karathana M, Kleinkauf N, Zinn C. Multidrug-resistant bacteria in unaccompanied refugee minors arriving in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October to November 2015. Euro Surveill. 2016;21(2):pii=30109.  https://doi.org/http://dx.doi.org/10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2016.21.2.30109 
  4. Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Screening von Asylsuchenden auf Multiresistente Erreger (MRE) Stellungnahme des Robert Koch-Instituts. [Screening of asylum seekers for multidrug resistant bacteria: statement of the Robert Koch-Insitute.] Berlin: RKI; 9 October 2015. German. Accessed from: http://www.rki.de/DE/Content/Gesundheitsmonitoring/Gesundheitsberichterstattung/GesundAZ/Content/A/Asylsuchende/Inhalt/MRE-Screening_Asylsuchende.pdf?__blob=publicationFile on 5 December, 2015. No longer available, replaced online by [5].
  5. Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Stellungnahme des Robert Koch-Instituts zu Frage des Screenings von Asylsuchenden auf Multiresistente Erreger (MRE). [Statement of the Robert Koch Institute regarding screening of asylum seekers for multidrug resistant bacteria.] Berlin: RKI; 28 January 2016. German. Available from: https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/Gesundheitsmonitoring/Gesundheitsberichterstattung/GesundAZ/Content/A/Asylsuchende/Inhalt/MRE-Screening_Asylsuchende.pdf?__blob=publicationFile
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