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Despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine since 1982, overall coverage of hepatitis B vaccination among healthcare workers (HCWs) has not reached a satisfactory level in many countries worldwide. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of hepatitis B vaccination, and to assess the predictors of hepatitis B vaccination status among HCWs in Serbia. Of 380 randomly selected HCWs, 352 (92.6%) were included in the study. The prevalence of hepatitis B vaccination acceptance was 66.2%. The exploratory factor analyses using the vaccination-refusal scale showed that items clustered under ‘threat of disease’ explained the highest proportion (30.4%) of variance among those declining vaccination. The factor analyses model of the potential reasons for receiving the hepatitis B vaccine showed that ‘social influence’ had the highest contribution (47.5%) in explaining variance among those vaccinated. In the multivariate adjusted model the following variables were independent predictors of hepatitis B vaccination status: occupation, duration of work experience, exposure to blood in the previous year, and total hepatitis B-related knowledge score. Our results highlight the need for well-planned national policies, possibly including mandatory hepatitis B immunisation, in the Serbian healthcare environment.


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