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In late August and early September 2009, numerous larvae, pupae, and actively flying adult specimens of Ochlerotatus atropalpus were discovered in the Province of Brabant, southern Netherlands, during surveillance activities for Aedes albopictus at two trading companies that import used tires. No Ae. albopictus were found. Both companies mainly import used tires from countries in Europe, but also from North America. Oc. atropalpus is endemic to North America and has so far only been found outside of its endemic range in Europe, namely France and Italy, where it was subsequently eradicated. A preliminary modelling study shows that the weather conditions in the Netherlands are unlikely to prevent establishment of Oc. atropalpus. This species has so far only been shown to serve as a vector for virus transmission under laboratory conditions. Studies on potential human and veterinary health risks, as well as possible control strategies are currently ongoing.


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