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Healthcare professionals are a reliable and impactful source of information on vaccination for parents and children.


We aimed to describe the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs primary care professionals involved in administration of childhood vaccines in Barcelona have about vaccines and vaccination.


In 2016/17, surveys were administered in person to every public primary care centre (PCC) with a paediatrics department (n = 41). Paediatricians and paediatric nurses responded to questions about disease susceptibility, severity, vaccine effectiveness, vaccine safety, confidence in organisations, key immunisation beliefs, and how they vaccinate or would vaccinate their own children. We used standard descriptive analysis to examine the distribution of key outcome and predictor variables and performed bivariate and multivariate analysis.


Completed surveys were returned by 277 (81%) of 342 eligible participants. A quarter of the respondents reported doubts about at least one vaccine in the recommended childhood vaccination calendar. Those with vaccine doubts chose the response option ‘vaccine-hesitant’ for every single key vaccine belief, knowledge and social norm. Specific vaccine knowledge was lacking in up to 40% of respondents and responses regarding the human papilloma virus vaccine were associated with the highest degree of doubt. Being a nurse a risk factor for having vaccine doubts (adjusted odds ratio (ORa) = 2.0; 95% confidence interval (95% CI): 1.1–3.7) and having children was a predictor of lower risk (ORa = 0.5; 95% CI: 0.2–0.9).


Despite high reported childhood immunisation rates in Barcelona, paediatricians and paediatric nurses in PCC had vaccine doubts, especially regarding the HPV vaccine.


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