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The World Health Organization (WHO) issued an updated position paper on rabies in 2018, mainly focusing on simplification of vaccination schedules and use of rabies immunoglobulin (RIG). The maximum amount of RIG anatomically feasible should be infiltrated exclusively in and around the wound and will no longer be calculated solely based on body weight. We describe the practical guideline implementing the revised RIG policy in the Netherlands on how to determine the amount of RIG for local administration. We calculated savings achieved through the revised WHO policy. We used information from a national database including rabies consultations in the Netherlands and clinical information from a public health service, clinical practitioners and national data on the amount of distributed RIG. Between 2008 and 2019, 5,164 consultations were registered. The most frequently affected anatomical location was hand or leg (43%). Around 80% concerned minor injuries (< 2 cm). From January 2016 to end December 2019, 7,361 mL RIG were distributed for 1,042 possible rabies exposures (EUR 1.4 million). Since implementing the revised policy, the amount of RIG distributed per order has sharply decreased (59%). Infiltrating RIG only locally saved large quantities of human RIG (EUR 1.1 million during 4 years) in the Netherlands.


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